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5 Things to know about Black Pearl Granite before you buy it.

Black Pearl Granite.

So, in this blog we are going to talk about Black pearl granite complete details.


Product description.


Finish Surface.


Right Price to buy.

Manufacture Location.

Applications or Uses.


Product Description:

 In black granite there are so many black colors. In that there some famous granite which are Telephone black, Jet black and Absolute black for there structure and dark black color all material looks same a non-trained person can’t identify which material is jet black or telephone black.

Black Pearl Granite is cheapest black granite in this Black color Editions. Black Pearl Granite have three different shades.

  1. Fine gain with Dark black color.

  2. Little big gain with Dark black color.

  3. Greenish Black color.

Fine gain dark black color is costly material in black pearl granite and black pearl granite is most suggested material because of structure, Color and it’s a hard material 100% Natural Color.

  If your looking for some low price dark black color granite we suggest you to go for Black pearl granite.

Black pearl Granite price
Black Pearl
Black pearl Granite
Black pearl Granite



  • Black pearl granite is a hard material.

  • Doesn’t Absorb Water.

  • Doesn’t get Corroded.

Finish Surface:

  • Mirror Polish Finish.

  • Flaming Finish.

  • Lapothar Finish.



Black Pearl Granite size.

Length 5ft up to 12ft
Height 2ft up to 5ft
Thickness 18mm up to 150mm



Black pearl granite price for Fine gain material.

Consumer Price 110-115rs persqft
Dealer Price 92-95rs persqft
Export Price 15.61-dollar fob

Black pearl granite price for Little big gain material. First choice

Consumer Price 90-100rs persqft
Dealer Price 75-80rs persqft

Black pearl granite price for Greenish material.

Consumer Price 80-85rs persqft
Dealer Price 65-70rs persqft



Black pearl granite manufacturing location is in Martur Andhra Pradesh its 274km away from Hyderabad.

Black pearl granite Mining Location is nearby Martur only.


Where to Use:

Black pearl Granite best use is for kitchen-top, counter-top or table-top.


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