6 Secret of Tan Brown Granite

Secret of Tan Brown Granite.


In this blog we are going to explain about Tan Brown Granite.


Product description.


Finish Surface.


Right Price to buy.

Manufacture Location.

Applications or Uses.


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Product description:

Tan brown granite is very trendy material for its dark brown color and circle dot design make its look unique and attractive. Every builder, big project, Civil engineer like this material because of it low price and hard quality with dark shade. In Tan brown granite there are 2-3 different shade one is brown, black and blue in that there is one popular material Honey brown which have dark black base with blue shade which more attractive then tan brown granite. Honey brown is expense material then Tan brown granite

If your looking for some dark brown shade granite in low price with best quality and zero-maintenance material then Tan brown granite is best suggested material.

tan brown granite image
Tan brown Granite
honey brown granite



  • Tan brown granite is a hard material.

  • Doesn’t Absorb Water.

  • Doesn’t get Corroded.

Finish Surface:

  • Mirror Polish Finish.

  • Flaming Finish.

  • Lapothar Finish.

  • Antique Finish.


Tan brown Granite size.


5ft up to 12ft


2ft up to 5ft


18mm up to 150mm


Tan brown granite price for Premium or first choice material.

Consumer Price 90-95rs persqft
Dealer Price 75-85rs persqft
Export Price 15.61-dollar fob

Tan brown granite price for Commercial or third choice material

Consumer Price 75-80rs persqft
Dealer Price 55-70rs persqft

Honey brown granite price for Premium or First choice material

Consumer Price 95-100rs persqft
Dealer Price 80-90rs persqft
Export Price 15.61-dollar fob


Tan brown granite manufacturing location is in Karimnagar Telangana its 150 km away from Hyderabad.

Tan brown granite Mining Location is nearby Karimnagar only.


Where to use:

The best place to use tan brown granite is Staircase, kitchen-top, unused places or Wherever you like.

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