moon white granite price information

5 Important things to know about Moon White Granite

Why every home owner like Moon white Granite?

In this blog we are going to Explain complete details about Moon White Granite.


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  • Product description.

  • Quality.

  • Finish Surface.

  • Size.

  • Right Price to buy.

  • Manufacture Location.

  • Applications or Uses.


Product description.                   

Moon White Granite is very trendy material and little costly material. But it is very likable and attractive material which has milky base color with red dot design. Which gives your house a luxury looks it  maintenance material but if you’re looking for some white base color with reasonable price and Royal Structure granite it is the best suggested material.



  • Moon White Granite is Soft Material.

  • It Absorb Water.

  • Do get Corroded.

Finish Surface.

  • Mirror Polish Finish.

  • Flaming Finish.

  • Lapothar Finish.

  • Antique Finish.


  Moon White Granite Size


5ft up to 12ft


2ft up to 5ft


18mm up to 150mm

Right Price to Buy.

   Moon White Granite Price of First or Premium Material.

Consumer Price 125-130rs persqft
Dealer Price 105-110rs persqft
Export Price 17.61-dollar fob

Moon White Granite Price of Second or Commercial Material.

Consumer Price 120-125rs persqft
Dealer Price 95-105rs persqft

Moon White Granite Price in Bangalore Karnataka.

Consumer Price

125-130rs persqft

Dealer Price

105-110rs persqft

Export Price

17.61-dollar fob


      Moon White Granite Mining is Near to Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh and its Manufacturing Units are in Vizag and Srikakulam in both place you can find moon white granite.

Where to Use.

                          Moon White Granite is best for flooring which gives your hall a luxury looks and also its good for wall cladding, Table top.

this is image to show moon white granite


First Choice Moon White Granite Image


Commercial Moon white Granite Image

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